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There is snow better game to play this christmas...

Xmas Snow Fight


  • 2 players
  • 5 Christmas-themed arenas
  • Fully integrated touch-screen control
  • Interactive arenas
  • Quirky gameplay, unique graphics and original sound fx

Friend or foe?

Employing the latest touch-screen technology, Xmas Snow Fight allows 2 players to compete simultaneously using just one Smartphone.

Utilising intuitive ‘drag’ and ‘flick’ controls, players attempt to dodge their opponents’ snowball throws whilst returning shots of their own, the first player to score 5 hits being declared the winner.

When throwing a snowball, players become ‘grounded’. The longer a player remains in this state the more power they can build for their throw, thus adding a layer of thought and strategy to the action.

The full version of Xmas Snow Fight also includes 5 individually-crafted arenas with different playing styles to keep the action fresh and fun. Blizzards, animals, trains and other obstacles play a part in the match result.

Why not add other friends to the mix by devising your own tournaments and challenges to decide who is the ultimate Snow Fighter?

Destination – Christmas

With its 5 colourful, interactive arenas, Xmas Snow Fight is brimming with quirky Christmas character and witty wintry charm.

Blizzard, Rooftop, Train Station, Xmas Tree and Forest offer a real variety of locations and playing styles and each contain their own set of interactive hazards and unique, original audio effects. Along the way you’ll encounter snow storms, reindeer, trains and other hazards – not to mention your opponent!

Not just for Christmas

Watch this space for new arenas and new themes. If you have an idea of a new theme or arena you think would be fun, why not let us know? Maybe we can make it a reality.

Get involved

Xmas Snow Fight was developed entirely from scratch. All artwork, audio effects, design, programming and marketing was built from the ground up by just 2 dedicated newcomers to the mobile games industry and our excellent contractors, Peter Charlton (audio effects) and Emily Snape (artwork).

We welcome any feedback on Xmas Snow Fight or any of our other games so feel free to add your comments to the bottom of this page. For more general enquiries you can email us at